For Season One Episode 7, we are highlighting entrepreneur Victor Sandifer, Founder of Run The World Clothing providing quality, stylish, cut and sew apparel that also has a powerful message of consciousness: anyone who gives back to the world with their passion is running the world. Run The World Clothing's logo is called “Sankofa”, and it represents its brand motto which is “look back, give back to the world”.

"I was born and raised in Oakland. Growing up I did not see many businesses in my community owned by people that looked like me. Consequently, I did not think entrepreneurship was an option for me. Not until I got into the workforce and figured that working a conventional job was not for me. Entrepreneurship has given me true freedom and has made everyday for me purposeful. I decided to join because I know how important it is to have like minded people in your circle help you become successful." – Victor

Victor has a passion for educating and empowering his community, and he uses Run The World Clothing apparel as a vessel to educate, inspire and empower like-minded individuals to use their passion to help others. In addition, his apparel company prides itself in its community engagement and service. The organization hosts free events to bring people together and have fun as well as an annual charity basketball tournament.

If you're an entrepreneur or a mentor, this event is for you!

  • Be inspired by how you can achieve or help others with having a business with a social conscious
  • Hear how working with mentors helped Victor take his business to the next level
  • See how to overcome challenges 

Hear how he’s following his passion and living a life without limits. Welcome to the #LimitlessLife!

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